If I’ve done my homework correctly, you’re Creative, energetic and,
you enjoy taking good care of your health.


My deepest wish is to write for people like you

You recognize your creative potential.

You know it is all about turning your bright ideas into actuality,
in moments of good clarity and focus.

And you know, you cannot be in these moments all the time.

But when these moments happen a lot of the time,
you know you’re doing something right.

How do you stay healthy, focused and supper inspired?



If you reached your full potential, what it would be like

What is it, this top level of personal fulfillment which
Abraham Maslow calls Self Actualization?

What it would be like to achieve self-actualization?

  90% of people fail to achieve their goals.

We all start the new year with great intentions.

But soon find ourselves discouraged.

Is this inevitable, or is there a way to avoid it?


I’m always looking to learn new skills to give me
the edge in understanding human potential.


In 2015 I got certified in Neuroleadership –  The new brain-based mentoring approach
that big organizations use to train their leaders and ceo’s to achieve success.

Wow, What an enriching experience it was! 

I’ve learned powerful neuroscience strategies, which I can’t wait to share with you.

 I’ve also discovered that neuroscience is now looking at the integration between science and
ancient Buddhist awakening practices to improve brain performance.

 Mindfulness and meditation are powerful awakening practices that
people in my alternative circle,
have been talking about for decades.

The neuroscience perspective 

In the neuroscience perspective, our freedom to grow our self-actualization needs,
depends on our ability to free ourselves from old, restricting brain wiring.

Our growth depends on our ability to free ourselves from
negative thinking patterns we have picked up along the course of our life

The stress of life, and the coping strategies we adopt,
sometimes bring us to a disconnect from ourselves and our place in the universe.

How can we return to a state of harmony?


 If I wake up one day and say, I don’t think I’ve accomplished what is meaningful to me.

If this is what you think, you probably don’t experience the best quality of life.

Awakening is a reconstructive process. It is a form of refocus which can
bring us back into harmony, and reveal what we truly are.

But it can also be a destructive and a stressful process.

Sometimes, in the rush for more, we get confused
about what better means, and how attainable it is.  

Seth Godin

stencil-google-cover-8What is Self-Actualization Lab

 I’ve created coaching and training programs to teach you scientifically proven  tools and strategies.

Powerful practices and brain-based knowledge to help you get back on your your self-actualization path

Self-Actualization Lab is based on the newly emerging Neuroleadership science.

The brain-based approach that big organization like INTEL use
to train and empower their leaders and Ceo’s to
achieve their goals and grow their business.

Of course you are going to use your creativity and intuition
to tweak it and adopt it to your own unique needs.

This is your own journey of experimentation, observation and learning.

2017 will NOT be your best year ever unless you have a strategy

 Join my free email mentoring  program.

 Set your new year up for success


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